👋 dbt-excel

Tired of people telling you that cannot build a data warehouse on top of Excel? Look no further!dbt-excel seamlessly integrates Excel into dbt, so you can take advantage of the dbt's rigor and Excel's flexibility.

pip install dbt-excel

Transforming Excels.
Transforming Companies.

dbt 🤝 Excel

🔋 Excel as input and output

Run queries on your Excel files and output right back into them. You don't need a Data Warehouse if you have Excel.

🪄 Use Excel functions within dbt

Vlookups, sheet support, averageif. All the great stuff you love. Different tool, same quirks.

🧞Monitor your data assets within Excel

Collaborate on data models, version them, add conditional formatting and document your queries. No production without excellent data quality monitoring!

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Excel in analytics engineering

Do you want to become a 10x analytics engineer?Learn everything about dbt-excel. This open-source piece of magic allows you transform data in Excel with the power of Excel.

I took dbt-excel for a test-run and I am equally impressed and horrified.

Padraic Slattery

Analytics Engineer - Xebia Data

SELECT MAX(business_value) FROM dbt JOIN excel USING duckdb

Henk Griffioen

Analytics Engineer - Xebia Data

Digital winners are the companies that build their stack on top of Excel.

Niels Zeilemaker

Chief Technology Officer - Xebia Data



  • Run open-source dbt-excel out of the box

  • Support via GitHub

  • Build custom integrations


$999 per seat

  • More sources: Access, PowerPoint and Word

  • 9-5 chatbot support

  • SharePoint integration

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